I’m so glad that I finally managed to make some progress this week. I mainly focused on the early game and the mechanics of Workers.


The biggest addition is that workers who don’t have a job will now go out during the day and forage. At nightfall they will return to the village for safety. This is the best way in the early game to get an income. From time-to-time you can return to the town centre to collect the revenue generated by Foraging.

Some workers out foraging:

Some Workers Foraging

Workers will have to travel to outside the city area for foraging, and so in mid- to late-game, this will become more inefficient as the size of the city grows, and they have to travel further.


On the outskirts of the city, camps will now spawn. From here you will be able to recruit workers at a much better price than in town. However, you will have to travel a bit to get to them. For now, I’m just using placeholder graphics for the camps (like all the other buildings) until I can get suitable sprites or find someone to make them ;-).

In addition, you will have to weigh up whether to recruit workers in town or to walk some distance to get them, where the supply will be limited, but at least new workers will spawn daily at these locations.


The main character is now able to run, but running for to long will deplete stamina. Once depleted you will have to wait a bit for it to regenerate.

I had some fun working on the new running animation:

running animation

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