Over the past few weeks the main focus has been bringing everything into a single color scheme. The biggest part of this was aligning the characters with the environment.

New Character Models

Generating the models involved a few steps:

First, I took existing sprites assets from the Unity Asset store. Then, using a script (which I wrote myself), from each asset I generated twelve new assets but each with a different hue. I accomplish this by taking each pixel and adding a set amount of degrees to that sprite’s hue. Careful consideration had to be taken to make sure that skin color is unaffected, otherwise you could end up with a character with red skin for example.

In addition, I reduced the saturation of each pixel to fit in with the game’s established color scheme. This is done by first finding the pixel in the image with the highest saturation, which is reduced to the maximum saturation for the color scheme. All other pixels are then reduced using the same ratio. Finally, they are slightly increased again in order to prevent colors from looking too grey/desaturated.

The result is a variety in colors of hair, clothes, etc.:

character styles



From the above you might have noticed that some female characters have mustaches. This is because there is no gender component attached to the different styles. This will be implemented at a later stage.

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