Welcome to devlog seven. I’ve made a lot of progress on the coding for the buildings, added some units/characters, as well as testing the loading and saving of games.


Here is a list of all new buildings:

  • Bank: Building a bank allows you to invest some money that will earn interest. You can upgrade it to earn even more. You can then later make a withdrawal.
  • Inn: An Inn allows you to hire villagers more cheaply. When fully upgraded, it also automatically converts any beggars wondering around camps to join your cause.
  • Barn: The Barn makes it cheaper to build farms, and also makes them more efficient.
  • Barracks: Allows you to hire knights.
  • Archery Range: Allows you to hire archers.

Along with the new buildings there are some new units and animations. Some of these are temporary – I just needed something to start developing the game mechanics:

Knight AttackingArcher shootingInn Keeper


Testing Saving and Loading

I’ve spent a lot of time recently testing saving and loading. In order to help with this, I’ve added the ability to save and reload the game with one button. Which allows me to quickly test this after adding new features or doing some editing on existing ones.

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