• Developer: Henrico
  • Platforms: PC Windows 64-bit
  • Manual: Game Help
  • Release Date: 21 December 2018
  • Price: $6.99
  • Store: Steam


From the darkness of the forest, bandits and looters will aim to destroy your way of life and demolish your livelihood. With the help of vagabonds and villagers, build a thriving town, raise an army and defend your home. Each night brings with it more enemies, so be sure to keep up.

From Darkness captures the fun of 2D side-scrolling gameplay. It leverages the thrill of developing your town against the clock with the possibility of impending doom.


  • Recruit villagers to generate income which is used to expand and upgrade your town.
  • Convert vagabonds from camps beyond the town border. They’ll join your cause and become villagers to help with daily tasks.
  • Choose wisely which facilities to build: Inn, Hospital, Barracks, Archery, Bank, Farms – each with its own perks. But beware, there is limited space available in the forest. The route you take might increase your numbers but leave your soldiers weak.
  • You control a single character to exercise your wisdom. NPCs take on the roles you give them and fulfil certain duties during daytime, while soldiers protect the town border during the night.
  • Enemies attack your town at night. If you cannot defend it, they’ll head for your Town Center and try to destroy it. If they succeed, the game is over.
  • Three different biomes/environments confer different benefits to your town.
  • Beautiful 2D high-definition scenery and day-night cycles.